Janice & John (wedding)!!!

October 11, 2014

When I received Janice & John’s initial call about photographing their wedding, I was both honored & extremely excited that they trusted me to document their special day!!!  I had the pleasure of capturing, Janice’s daughter, Laura & son-in-law, Justin’s wedding a few months earlier (you remember Laura & Justin right?!?!).

Janice & John chose to have a small, intimate ceremony filled with close family & friends.  The bride: fabulous (of course)!  The groom: the traditional gentleman.  The location; Maggiano’s Little Italy in Washington, DC.  The weather; rainy :(.

All-in-all, the day ran smoothly thanks to Diane George & her staff from Covenant Weddings.

CONGRATULATIONS again Janice & John!!!

Janice & John 01

Janice & John 02

Janice & John 03

Janice & John 04

Janice & John 05

Janice & John 06

Janice & John 07

Janice & John 08

Janice & John 09

Janice & John 10

Janice & John 11

Janice & John 12

Janice & John 13

Janice & John 14

Janice & John 15

Janice & John 16

Janice & John 17

Janice & John 18

Janice & John 19

Janice & John 20

Janice & John 21

Janice & John 22

Janice & John 23

Janice & John 24

Janice & John 25

Janice & John 26

Janice & John 27

Janice & John 28

Janice & John 29

Janice & John 30

Janice & John 31

Janice & John 32

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Kathenas Fitness

August 30, 2014

Kathenas Fitness is a Washington, DC based personal wellness company founded by one of my personal friends, Chris Richardson.  I first met Chris in ’07 during our first year of playing semi-professional football.  We ultimately played a total of three years together & over time, our friendship grew.  Back in October ’13, after joining Next Reflex Dance Collective, Chris asked if I could capture the “Velocity DC” performances at the Shakespeare Theater. Outside of the Alvin Ailey company, this was my second experience with modern dance.  One word; amazing! It was truly a wonderful experience being a part of these amazing performances & we were able to get some really goodt images!

Fast forward to September ’14…  Chris called & stated that he’d founded Kathenas & wanted me to photograph him with several clients.  Without hesitation, I accepted & was ecstatic about helping a friend!  Chris’ genuine spirit & outgoing personality made for a really fun day of taking photos. CONGRATS again Chris & I know you’ll do well!

Kathenas Fitness.06

Kathenas Fitness.02

Kathenas Fitness.03

Kathenas Fitness.04

Kathenas Fitness.05

Kathenas Fitness.01

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Laura & Justin (wedding)!!!

June 7, 2014

You remember one of my favorite couples, Laura & Justin right?!?!?  Last July, I had the pleasure of capturing their engagement session AND I was honored that they wanted me to detail some of their special day 🙂  Today’s ceremony was held at the Oxon Hill Manor, a beautiful neo-Georgian home in Oxon Hill, MD just a few miles from downtown Washington DC.  One word to describe their wedding: Elegant, Simple & Classy (OK I know that was three words but who’s counting?!?!?)…

The ceremony: elegant, simple & classy (did I mention that already?).  The bride: stunning.  The groom: cool, calm & collected.  The weather: a fantastic 80º.  The setting: perfect.  Yeah, it was b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.!  CONGRATULATIONS again & I Love You guys!!!

L+J 1

L+J 2

L+J 3

L+J 4

L+J 05

L+J 06

L+J 07

L+J 08

L+J 09

L+J 10

L+J 11

L+J 12

L+J 13

L+J 14

L+J 15

L+J 16

L+J 17

L+J 18

L+J 19

L+J 20


  • Blake Lorenz · Posted June 10, 2014 at 1:00 AM · Link · Reply

    Wow. Thank you for the quality pictures of this perfectly beautiful bride (no I’m not biased),
    in this lovely setting in Prince George’s county!
    Let me know how I can get some of your pictures!

  • Janice Lorenz · Posted June 17, 2014 at 9:38 PM · Link · Reply

    Dear Travis and Cameo,

    Thank you again for capturing Laura and Justin’s magical wedding.
    Laura and I have spoken almost every day about the wedding and
    your wonderful photos serve to help us relive every precious moment
    of the celebration. Thank you, too, Cameo, for all you did to
    keep those moments alive! Janice Lorenz

  • Dr Laura M Brown · Posted June 19, 2014 at 9:00 AM · Link · Reply

    The most absolutely gorgeous photos hands down.
    Beautiful bride, handsome groom and the guest
    As well were loved by the camera! Praise God
    For blessing you two so magnificently as only
    He can. Much love,
    Robert(bobby) & Laura

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US Capitol Tulips!!!

April 25, 2014

So I missed the Cherry Blossom Festival this year & decided I’d (finally) try & catch the tulips.  It is said that over 100 varieties are planted between the Washington Monument & US Capitol Building with the height of the bloom between early April & the first week of May.  I’d always seen the tulips around town but never had my camera with me. 🙁 🙁 🙁

I simply made the decision that this year, I’d catch it & boy was it worth it.  Me, I’m not much of a flower guy but I have to admit, the presentation is incredible!   Enjoy!!! 😀


Tulips 02

US Capitol 2014

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Happy Holidays!!!

December 20, 2013

Wishing you & your family a safe & joyous Christmas & a Happy New Year!!!

Happy Holidays!

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Bamford - Carroll Family!!!

November 23, 2013

For their session, we chose a local park here in suburban Maryland & thankfully, there was still some signs of autumn remaining!  It was a mild winter morning & for the most part, relatively quiet.   The boys; at first were a little reserved (not saying or doing much) but after about 10 minutes, they were a riot!  In a good way of course 🙂  John decided that it’d be cool to throw leaves on mommy & Matthew followed suit.  Thinking back, I guess Holly & Shannon said, “we can’t let the boys have all the fun” & they jumped in!  Yep, I was stuck in the middle of a classic leaf fight!

All-in-all, their session turned out beautifully & we had a blast together.  Enjoy!!!

2013.11.23___Bamford - Carroll___17

2013.11.23___Bamford - Carroll___80

2013.11.23___Bamford - Carroll___90

2013.11.23___Bamford - Carroll___96

2013.11.23___Bamford - Carroll___103

2013.11.23___Bamford - Carroll___77

2013.11.23___Bamford - Carroll___154

2013.11.23___Bamford - Carroll___156

2013.11.23___Bamford - Carroll___159

2013.11.23___Bamford - Carroll___143

2013.11.23___Bamford - Carroll___132

2013.11.23___Bamford - Carroll___142

2013.11.23___Bamford - Carroll___208


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Gibbs’ Family!!!

November 23, 2013

For the Gibbs’ session, we chose a local park & luckily it was a mild winter day.  Actually it was cold at first & then lil’ Allie mustered up the courage said, “I don’t need no stinkin’ jacket & tossed it!!!  I knew right then, we were in for a treat! 🙂

Mindy & the kids were super excited to take some photos & Mark; well let’s say he had the typical “Dad syndrome” ( well I guess I gotta take some photos).  You know the type?!?!?  Needless to say, we had him smiling before we were done.  One word to describe this family, Spunky (especially Allie)!  Enjoy!










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Velocity DC!!!

October 12, 2013

I had the pleasure of photographing VelocityDC; a modern & contemporary dance festival at the Shakespeare Theater in downtown Washington DC on Friday & Saturday, October 10 – 11. It was hosted by Peter DiMuro, a world renowned choreographer, director, teacher & arts practitioner whose work has been commissioned internationally.  He is currently the Executive Director of the Dance Complex in Cambridge. VelocityDC featured three local companies; Next Reflex Dance Collective (red), MOVEiUS Contemporary Ballet (blue) & Dance Performance Group (orange).

Next Reflex was founded in 2007 by Roxann Morgan Rowley & Erika Surma and is an award-winning modern dance company based in Northern Virginia. They have been presented throughout the region by multiple venues that include the DC Dance Festival, the Charlotte Dance Festival & the Cool NY Dance Festival.

MOVEiUS was founded in 2010 & has received critical acclaim and press coverage from The Washington Post, Huffington Post, the Charlotte Observer & others.  It is the only contemporary dance company in Montgomery County Maryland.

Dance Performance Group was formed in 1989 by Nancy Havlik.  Her choreography has been performed extensively in the Washington DC area at venues that include Joy of Motion, Joe’s Movement Emporium, the Kennedy Center Millineum Stage & Dance Place.  It truly was a spectacular weekend attending these amazing performances!!!





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Laura & Justin (engagement)!!!

July 5, 2013

We chose to do Laura & Justin’s engagement session at Glen Echo Park which was once DC’s premier amusement park.  It was probably the hottest days of the year (95° at one point) but we toughed through it!  They were an absolute blast & we came away with some fantastic natural light portraits!  Wishing you two a lifetime of joy & happiness!  Enjoy 🙂
Laura & Justin Williams (engagement) 01

2013.07.05___Laura & Justin Williams ___36

2013.07.05___Laura & Justin Williams ___33

2013.07.05___Laura & Justin Williams ___62

Laura & Justin Williams (engagment) 07

Laura & Justin Williams (engagement) 02

Laura & Justin Williams (engagement) 04



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Baltimore Ravens Superbowl XLVII Parade!!!

February 5, 2013

I have to admit that today was one of the most exciting days of my adult life as I, along with an estimated 200k (yep, two hundred thousand!) fellow fans dressed in purple & black lined the streets of downtown Baltimore to welcome our Ravens home after winning Superbowl XLVII!!!  Sure we withstood bone-chilling 30° weather for 5 hours; but EVERY minute was worth it {& yes I’d do it all over again}!!!  Heck, I’m still on an emotional high!!!  It truly was an amazing experience & I had was tickled to be able to document the festivities.

My location?!?!? @ the corner of Pratt & Howard & on the way to M&T Bank Stadium.  It was Ray’s last ride & this season couldn’t have bee scripted any better!  Ray if you’re reading, THANK YOU for all that you’ve done for the city of Baltimore!!!  We love you!!!
















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Debra & Camille!!!

November 17, 2012

For Debra & Camille’s session, we chose two locations: the National Arboretum & the Hirshhorn Museum, both in Washington DC.  The arboretum is an outdoor botanical conservatory but is best known for theCapital Columns“.  The Hirshhorn, located on the National Mall is a modern & contemporary art museum with serene sculpture gardens.  Debra & Camille had just moved to the area & were referred to me by a personal friend.  I knew I wanted to incorporate some of DC’s beautiful architecture without using the “touristy” locations.  The Hirshhorn provided some very elegant backdrops.

It was a beautiful (and chilly) autumn day. We started around 4PM & finished up ’round 6:30pPM.   They’re a true Mommy – Daughter duo, & I could tell how close they were when we first met.  One word to describe them; Elegant!  It was such a pleasure working with these beautiful ladies!  🙂

Debra + Camille 01

Debra + Camille 02

Debra + Camille 03

Debra + Camille 04

Debra + Camille 07




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Lijy & Mark (& Minnie)!!!

November 10, 2012

We chose historic Savage Mill in Laurel, MD, nestled halfway between Baltimore & Washington DC.  They’ve been very close friends of mine for 12 years  & I was very ecstatic when they wanted to work with me!!! 🙂  Minnie is the newest addition to the family & Lijy wanted some family portraits.  Mark, like the typical guy; “I guess I’ll go take some photos”; you know the type.  I have a way of making people enjoy themselves & before we were done, Mark was having a blast!

Mark + Lijy 01

Mark + Lijy 02

2012.11.10___Mark + Lijy 2012___35

2012.11.10___Mark + Lijy 2012___34

Mark + Lijy 04




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Las Vegas (iPhonetography)!!!

October 24, 2012

Las Vegas aka “the Strip” aka “Sin City” aka “the Adult Playground” captured 100% with my iPhone 4S!  That’s right, an iPhone! 🙂

iPhonetography (Las Vegas) 01

iPhonetography (Las Vegas) 05

iPhonetography (Las Vegas) 03

iPhonetography (Las Vegas) 04 (pano 1)

iPhonetography (Las Vegas) 04 (pano 2)

iPhonetography (Las Vegas) 06

iPhonetography (Las Vegas) 04

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